StudyPal - Clinical Trial Mobile Platform, ePRO, eCOA (BYOD)

The only mobile platform to virtualize protocols for Sites, and enhance Patient engagement (ePRO,eCOA) through mobile and text

Streamline Study Protocols and Visits for Sites

Increase Patient Engagement and Retention By 90%

Virtual clinical trials reduces research costs, increases direct to patient data quality, provides measures of patient outcomes, identifies at risk patients, accelerates timelines and reduces patient dropouts

Improve Patient Experience & Increase Trial Success Rate

Improve study compliance


Visit by Visit Guide for Sites


Increase study completion rates


Enhance patient experience


Why use StudyPal

Take a look at what you can do

Clinical trials are more complex than they ever have, and over 70% of protocols have amendments and ensure compliance across your study team can be challenging.

Responsive Protocol

Access the most up-to-date study design information, including news letters, protocol amendments, training and study flow.

Mobile Ready

Stay updated with all your study information and protocol updates. StudyPal allows you to standardize your protocol and help get your data faster.

Text Notification

Patients can recieve visit notification reminders and follow up text messages.


Enhance communication between sponsors and sites, maintain source documentation and provide patients with training material.


How it works

One platform to streamline Protocol and increase collaboration

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